2019/12/10 英語日記 元気な人に会うと元気になるのはなぜだろう

How come I feel better after I meet a vivacious person? It was a hard day for me today. I woke up a little tired, reluctant to get up. Dragging my heavy body, I prepared my breakfast, got dressed and went to work. I had a 100 minute-long lesson in the morning.  As soon as I finished it, I got on the train to go to another school, where I gave two one-hour-long lessons. On finishing them, I hurried to yet another school, where four more one-hour lessons were waiting for me. I felt strange when the first one was over. It seemed that I was going to pass out. But the next student changed everything. She was not a cheerful girl, but full of energy and determination to improve her English level. The one hour passed in a moment. We talked over what she should study and how to study it. After the lesson, I felt my strength coming back, which carried me through the last two lessons. Now I am writing this entry, refreshed and willing. It would have been her vigorous determination that made my energy come back to me.